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Where to Display NFTs

Updated: May 10

When thinking about where to display my NFTs, I am considering both a digital room in the metaverse and my actual rooms at home IRL. For real-world displays, the technology is still catching up to this space and our options are currently limited to the perpetually sold out and fairly expensive Qonos displays, which only sync with Ethereum (ETH) wallets.

Many collectors are still waiting for a display that can sync with the Tezos or ETH wallets and show off their NFTs in full resolution either on a display or possibly through a projection device that is built specifically for NFTs. Of course, many people are already projecting the NFTs from their computer or phone onto a wall but that is not the same and not very practical for an ongoing display of your art. It is inevitable that permanent digital displays will become a competitive market and prices should come down as more innovations are released.

There are some who think NFTs are meant to be displayed primarily in the digital world or metaverse. These collectors will take the extra step of investing in their own corner of the metaverse in Decentraland or CryptoVoxels where they can setup a fully owned and operated NFT symposium to show off their work. The process to set this up can be costly and time consuming, as you need to purchase the land and then do the development work to create the space before you can show it off.

A simple and free alternative to purchasing space in the metaverse to display your NFTs is, which offers a few different pre-made rooms you can choose from to display your art. You only have to link your MetaMask, decide where you want each of your NFTs displayed in the room, then hit publish. The app allows you to create a simple link you can then share with friends and family to show off your NFTs - for example, check out

Unfortunately, all of the display options available in the metaverse are focused on the larger and more lucrative ETH market while the Tezos and Solana wallets are not supported. We are still early in this process and there must be some entrepreneurial developers working on more innovative and cost-efficient ways to display the digital art we love.

For now, most of us will have to admire our NFT collections on our phone or computer screens. If you know about any other interesting display options in the metaverse or real world, let me know in the comments below.

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